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Guest Testimonials

Following are some The Spa Resorts guests speaking about their detox weight loss experiences over the past few years. The guests who come to The Spa Resorts and get really good results are the guests who have the right attitude to detox. They arrive with a focus on one thing, to do the programme and get the very best results they can for themselves.

"Time and time again we see this at The Spa Resorts,
the guests with the biggest commitment get the biggest results"

Nicholas Tse - 10 Days Clean Me Out Program.

“I am a barrister. I work far too hard, far too late and in far too many countries, too major international cases, and I am supposed to be 50 this coming October. And I began to take stock, due to the latter part of this year because I felt very very fatigued, burnt out and overweight and bloated etc. My beloved wife who has been to the spa seven years ago and did one of the fasting cleansing programs suggested that I should be coming here. Many people think it is going to be difficult to not eat for a week or more and I have to say that the experience has been a wholly positive one. Through the end of the eight days of fasting I found that I was generally feeling more energetic but also important feeling a sense of much greater emotional and spiritual wellbeing and sharpness of mind was returning.


Veronica Otero and Jochen Nippel.- 7 ½ Days Clean Me Out Program.

We have been here for the last two weeks. It is the first time we have been back since the renovation and it is stunning. The setting, particularly I love all the vegetation and it’s really a perfect setting for us. The staff is super friendly and it has been good. It was the best decision not only because of the detox, it’s also because of the people we have met here. We have met wonderful inspiring people. I highly recommend it. Everyone should come.